In-House Training


Deciding between external training or in-house training for your employees is not an easy task,especially with several factors such as cost, time and place to consider. With convenience and practicality in mind, we are offering in-house training that's fully customisable based on your requirements.


  1. This is a fully customisable class with the training time and date of your choice.
  2. Training materials are relevant, insightful and engaging for the best learning experience.
  3. Conduct the training at your workplace or any preferred location convenient for you. Our training is great for a large group of up to 15 pax.

Suitable For

Suitable for all levels, from introductory to intermediate

We also design classes for advanced managers

What You Will Learn:

  1. Acquire valuable skills to run ads professionally
  2. Learn the best practices of various platforms
  3. Understand Google's algorithms and increase organic traffic
  4. Learn the latest SEO updates and techniques
  5. End to end digital transformation, training and consultation
  6. Improve campaign performance and ROI for any industry