Advanced Facebook Ads


Acquire valuable skills from our training to run effective ads to over 2 billion active Facebook users every month. Gain insights directly from our senior specialists on the do's and don'ts for a successful campaign.


  1. Learn the ins and outs of Facebook ads.
  2. Be able to setup in-depth targeting, strategically plan and analyse campaigns.
  3. Know the common pitfalls of Facebook campaign from our experienced specialists.
  4. Manages campaign budget efficiently.

Suitable For

Marketers with a basic knowledge of Facebook Ads

Copywriters, Creatives and Social Media Professionals

What You Will Learn:

  1. Custom Tracking
  2. In-depth Targeting Setup
  3. Creating Custom Conversion
  4. Custom Audience
  5. In-depth Campaign Analysis
  6. Experiment Testing
  7. Standard Event Tracking
  8. Lookalike Audience
  9. A/B Testing
  10. Common Pitfalls