Benchmark Questions

1 out of 10

Cost per thousand impressions is also known as…

2 out of 10

The objective of SEO is to…

3 out of 10

The calculation for cost per thousand impressions is…

4 out of 10

The main difference between Facebook advertising and Google Advertising is …

5 out of 10

Which of the following is not a Google ad feature…

6 out of 10

Which of the following has the highest user intent?

7 out of 10

The aspects for a successful SEO campaign includes…

8 out of 10

SEO guarantees high SERP rankings…

9 out of 10

You are a business owner for a cake shop. After 6 months of advertising on Google, you notice a significant increase in first time sales, but a drop in repeat sales. In order to increase repeat sales, you?

10 out of 10

If your campaign objective is to get online purchases for your e-commerce website, which of these channels will you use?

i. Facebook website conversion campaign
ii. Google Search
iii. Facebook website traffic campaign
iv. LinkedIn sponsored InMail Ads