Advanced SEO


Increasing organic traffic and conversion matters. High SEO ranking requires a great number of man-hours and effort. Our trainers are well-prepared to equip you with advanced SEO techniques. You will also receive useful tips and tricks along with the latest industry updates.


  1. Understand the differences and ways to combine useful techniques for the best SEO results.
  2. Be able to apply advanced tracking methods and track search behaviour.
  3. Receive the latest algorithm updates and understand high risks methods in SEO.
  4. Be able to research plan and execute integrated SEO campaigns confidently with the right tools available online.

Suitable For

Marketers with a basic knowledge of SEO

Content Writers and Strategic Planners

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to Track Search Behaviour
  2. How Google Algorithm Works and Ranking Factors
  3. How Data is Collected and Analyzed
  4. High-Risk Methods
  5. SEO Penalties and How They Work
  6. SEO Tools and Advanced Tracking Methods
  7. Algorithm Updates and SEO News