Advanced Google Ads


With over 3 billion internet users today, it's important that your business gets noticed by the right audience. As a Google Premier Partner, our specialists will provide you with useful techniques to run effective campaigns.


  1. Understand search paths, ad rank, bidding models and other Google Ads Features.
  2. Learn to calculate quality scores and how it impacts your campaign.
  3. Know the importance of remarketing and gain ways to apply the best strategy to achieve good campaign results.
  4. Manage your campaign's ad budget efficiently.

Suitable For

Marketers with a basic knowledge of Google Ads

Client Service, Brand Directors, and Product Managers

What You Will Learn:

  1. Traditional vs. Digital
  2. Search Paths
  3. Bidding Models
  4. Average CPC's
  5. SEO vs. Google Ads
  6. Ad Rank
  7. How Quality Score Is Calculated
  8. Impact of Quality Score
  9. Why Remarketing
  10. Channel vs. Objectives